Author: Bryttany Curran

How To Destroy Corporate Bottlenecks: Demonstrate Your Value System

Last month, our CEO, Fulton Breen spoke to the Raleigh-Wake Human Resources Management Association’s monthly meeting, where he covered the topic “Alignment Analytics Point the Way to a Stronger Culture.” In his presentation, he addressed the problem many companies have with implementing their set of values: “Your Code of Conduct is published, your quarterly meetings […]

An Inspiring Story of Selflessness and Youth [Interview with Fulton Breen]

I had the good fortune of interviewing Fulton Breen, CEO of XSInc and Founder of Novareté. His story not only inspired the vision behind Novareté, it also empowers us all to give a little to make the world a better place.   Through his story I hope you learn to “pass it on,” creating a […]

Expert Says Creating a Positive Culture Requires the Right “Smell”,”expert-says-creating-a-positive-culture-requires-the-right-smell

I was recently sent the Smell of the Place, an 8 minute and 13 second video of Professor Sumantra Ghoshal at the World Economic Forum. I found it very easy to digest and insightful – full of ideas that can enhance your culture. In his speech, he addresses corporate environments and the faults of management in […]

Top Leadership Assessment: 1 Easy Way to Measure Authentic Leadership

Photo Credit: Steve Wilson A few months ago I read Bill George’s post “What does ‘Authentic Leadership’ Really Mean?” It was a great read and reminder that morality – your beliefs and values – are a huge piece of authentic leadership and should be incorporated into everyday leadership assessments.   “If you want to be […]

What Does Engaged Mean? The Quiet Guy Can Speak Up! [Interview with Tim Carroll #6051]

What does engaged mean to your employees? You may have read my recent interview with Ileane Cazan and how she defined engaged as her ability to be recognized as a valuable member of the company though the Novareté Kudos platform. Now we have the chance to hear from Tim Carroll (#6054 in this article) and how Novareté gave him a […]

Honesty in Leadership: Create a Creative Culture in 4 Focused Ways

I am a full believer in authenticity and honesty in leadership. I believe the strongest leaders use honest life stories to humble themselves, connecting with those they’re leading. Creating a “me too” atmosphere from the top down bolsters confidence in everyone at every level, which often produces better work, profits, customer service, and employee culture. […]

The Value of Culture in a Down Market

The idea that “culture drives performance” is not only intuitively understood, but is also backed by an astonishingly long list of supporting research. One of best made cases on the subject is a book titled: Corporate Culture and Performance by John Kotter and James Heskett. Just Google “culture, performance, values, etc.” to find thousands of […]

What Does Engaged Mean? How Novareté Increased My Value At Work [Interview with Ileana Cazan #6054]

Recently XSInc CEO, Fulton Breen wrote about how Moneyball Analytics can help uncover hidden talent within your company by identifying key change agents. He realized that often, some of the most influential people in your company – those that drive your culture, which ultimately drives your success – hid behind doing their work consistently and quietly.    I recently […]

How to Empower Employees to Scale a Strong Culture: Results from a Novareté Alignment Study

Washington, DC – our nation’s capital and this year’s home to the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference & Exposition. Over 15,000 attendees from all around the world gathered in 200+ sessions to learn about HR strategy, Employment Law & Legislation, Talent Acquisition & Retention, Personal & Leadership Development, and more. Since the […]

Motivate Employees: Monetary Incentives Produce Poor Performance

I recently had the opportunity to watch a 10-minute whiteboard overview video about Daniel Karpantschof’s philosophy on how to motivate employees. He believes that motivation is driven by purpose, not monetary incentives. With a high focus on employee engagement and increasing productivity, profit, and performance, I thought this video really challenges the way many managers and […]