Author: Bryttany Curran

Your New Client: The Jerk Who Cut You Off

THE QUESTION: While driving to your law firm one morning to meet with a potential new client, you are cut off by a car being driven at a recklessly high speed. As he passes, you see the driver shaking his head in disgust at you. You are furious, but there is nothing you can do. To […]

Danger in a Strong Culture: Shocking Results from a Novareté Alignment Study

I recently had the privilege of attending the CAI Human Resource (HR) Management Conference in Raleigh, NC on March 9-10 2016. Here I saw about 400 HR professionals gather for two days of intense learning, featuring sessions like “How the Best Get Better,” “Authentic Leadership: Defining Your Values/Living Your Mission,” “The Power of One,” and […]

How to Capture Wasted Time at Work

THE QUESTION: Recently you’ve been exhausted and less productive at work because of lack of sleep. You find yourself getting distracted and frequently nodding off. As a part-time employee, you are paid hourly, required to track your work hours, and expected to submit a timesheet biweekly. For your last pay period, you’ve easily wasted two […]

How to Handle Interruptions During Your Training Presentation

THE QUESTION: Your boss has asked you to provide a mandatory training session for all employees on a topic in which you are well versed. Vincent, a colleague who is also an expert on the topic, is upset that he is required to attend the training. During the session Vincent interrupts three times with what amounts […]

Who Do I Tell About My Promotion Application?

THE QUESTION: The company you work for has a new opening, and you meet the qualifications for it. This position would be a promotion for you. You decide to apply and are confident about your chances. You find out that an internal search committee has been formed to coordinate the search and interview process for this […]

How to Distribute Hard Earned Profit

THE QUESTION: You pay for your college costs 100% by waiting tables while going to college. Another server was assigned to wait a table but you ended up helping that table out quite a bit. The table is lingering and the other server is getting off her shift. She asks you to give her the […]

Creative Culture Reliant on Characteristics of a Good Manager

In my first Creativity, Inc. series post I spoke to the risks of vilifying failure when creating a creative culture. Next, I want to tackle the second step in creating a strong culture: embody characteristics of a good manager by hiring and trusting talented people. You as a manager and leader have the power to […]

Expense Reports and Responsibilities: Who Do You Question?

THE QUESTION: You work in the accounting department of a large home improvement company, and a sales manager submits an expense report for a client dinner from the previous evening. Later that week you see the sales manager’s wife in the office speaking with the receptionist. You overhear her tell the receptionist what a lovely […]

Vilify Failure and Kill a Creative Culture

Creating an innovating and creative culture is at the top of most corporate agendas. And it should be. The benefits far outweigh the risks. It increases productivity, reduces cost, gives a competitive advantage, motivates employees, and creates autonomy and stronger teams.    So how do you create a culture that fosters creativity and innovation? Concepts […]

How to Correct a Wrong Impression of You at Work

THE QUESTION: You are writing an article on a website which takes advantage of improper sensual advertisements. While you are working on the article, two friends stop by your office. They immediately say, “Oh, sorry Emma. We know you are busy. Just wanted to say hi.” Then they turn and walk away. You get the […]