Author: Bryttany Curran

Telling a Supervisor About a Huge Mistake You Overheard

THE QUESTION: John is a colleague in your department who is very difficult to work with. He rarely accepts responsibility for his mistakes and constantly blames others. You have been blamed numerous times by him. He is currently working on a project by himself, and you overhear him tell David, another colleague, about it. While […]

Does Making Unethical Decisions Negatively Impact Your Life? [infographic]

There is no question that being a leader is hard. Running a company, department, team…it can be stressful. So stressful, that some leaders choose to do what’s easy instead of what is right. While this may feel like you are saving yourself stress during the decision-making process, you may be subconsciously negatively impacting your health […]

Do I Make My Colleague Pay for Her Carelessness?

THE QUESTION: While socializing at a business reception for several important clients, one of your colleagues, Patricia, whom you do not know well, bumps into you while texting on her phone and spills her glass of wine on your new, silk dress. Shockingly, she nonchalantly says, “So sorry, Ann, excuse me. I never even saw […]

5 Ways to Leverage a Disengaged Employee

I’ve written before how disengaged employees can actually be leveraged to create a strong culture, which leads to success. Now I am going to share with you a few ways to do that.  

Is Being Empathetic a Good Reason to Bend the Rules?

THE QUESTION: You are a college professor and one of your brightest students has started struggling in class. You know that he works practically full time to pay for his education and you respect him because you did the same thing when you were in school. You have been helping him explore financial aid and […]

Empower Your Employees to Find Answers in Under 10 Minutes

I was recently sent a leadership video adapted from Captain David Marquet’s talk on Greatness, based on his book, Turn the Ship Around! It was excellent.   Here are 8 nuggets I got out of it… “Give intent – what do you want to accomplish today?” Shifting Psychological ownership to the employees empowers them to […]

How to Stand Up to Your Superior at Your Job

THE QUESTION: You are a rookie officer. In the police academy, you were taught never to ask for, or accept, special favors or gratuities for your services. However, you notice that your training officer never pays for his meals. He doesn’t even offer to pay like most of the other officers you see at lunch. […]

Keeping Your Client Happy in a Gray Area

THE QUESTION: You are the CEO of a private company that is shutting down an entire division, because the product line has been fatally surpassed by the competitors’ new technology. While processing the layoff of all the division’s employees, Frank, one of your managers, asks you, “Al, do you realize that Lily is part of […]

7 Reasons Why Scenario-Based Compliance Trainings Work [Infographic]

The turn of the New Year is a perfect time to look back and evaluate what programs worked (or didn’t), review the survey results, and figure out how you will leave your mark as you create your 2016 compliance plan. Should you explore new employee engagement software? Create new programs? Conduct more trainings? Maybe.  

Three Easy Ways to Maximize the Holiday Downtime

The holidays are a lot of fun – usually a whirlwind that you don’t get control of until mid-January. Don’t fall captive to the season and miss out on all the joy. Instead, maximize your time with these three easy tips.