Author: Fulton Breen

Building Your Company Brand Using Organizational Values

We’re all familiar with the idea and importance of building your company brand. The effort and expense required to modify consumer buying behavior is largely centered on building awareness of your product or service and its differentiating attributes. Much of this effort goes towards creating impressions or exposure to your brand through various media such […]

Finding Your Change Agency: Discover Hidden Value Using Moneyball Analytics

I lead a data management and software development company that I founded 18 years ago. I am a strong believer in the power of a great company culture and as such, I like to think of myself as being pretty tuned into our people and their strengths. In fact, we spend an unusual amount of […]

Building a Strong Culture? The 3 Most Important Questions to Ask

The idea that “strong culture drives performance” is not only intuitively true but is widely validated by numerous research studies on the subject (like How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation  done by Harvard Business School and How Corporate Culture Affects the Bottom Line by Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business). However, that leaves the question: “if […]

When the “Greener Pasture” Turns Out to be AstroTurf…

You are comfortably fixed in your job; you like your boss, your work is challenging and the company has a great culture. For all intents and purposes, you are happy with your place in life. You are not looking for another job, but then it happens: you receive a call from a recruiter offering a […]