Author: Fulvio Di Blasi

Expert Evaluation For “Your New Client: The Jerk Who Cut You Off”,”expert-evaluation-your-new-client-the-jerk-who-cut-you-off

Getting angry over someone driving recklessly and putting the lives of other people in danger is not unacceptable if it arises from indignation for the violation of the law and a desire for the evildoer to receive proper retribution.However, Anger is a vice when it negatively affects the attorney’s decision process or pushes him to […]

Expert Evaluation For “How to Capture Wasted Time at Work”,”expert-evaluation-how-to-capture-wasted-time-at-work

This dilemma highlights a realistic challenge associated with receiving hourly payment for work. According to most contracts, an hourly rate, part-time employee is expected to perform reasonably productively for every billable working hour (Accountability). Whenever the hourly-rate employee is “on-the-clock,” the employee gets paid. However, practically speaking, work performance levels vary for each person from […]

Expert Evaluation For “How to Handle Interruptions During Your Training Presentation”,”expert-evaluation-how-to-handle-interruptions-during-your-training-presentation

A good teacher or professor should always be attentive to his students and the way in which they can contribute to successful classes. The age of the students cannot be underestimated (Circumspection), just as the presence of an expert cannot be underestimated (Diligence).

Expert Evaluation For “Who Do I Tell About My Promotion Application?”

This dilemma presents a reasonably common workplace situation, where there is a possibility for promotion and the applicant “knows” somebody. In this case, there is a friend on the search committee. The question is, “what to do?”   There is nothing wrong with applying, but the process is important. The goal would be to seek […]

Expert Evaluation For “How to Distribute Hard Earned Profit”,”expert-evaluation-for-how-to-distribute-hard-earned-profit

In this scenario, the fact that you’re putting yourself through school is morally irrelevant. Your need for the money doesn’t affect your coworker or the customer’s rights and expectations. The question in this scenario is one of Justice. It’s about respecting the will of others and our agreements with them.   The person whose will […]

Expert Evaluation For “Expense Reports and Responsibilities: Who Do You Question?”,”expert-evaluation-expense-reports-responsibilities-question/02/2016

This dilemma arises from the doubt that the accountant has about the sales manager’s Honesty with regard to expense reports he has submitted, expecting the company to pay for his wife’s dinner. This could be a theft (Do Not Steal). If the sales manager is really dishonest, he will probably do more damage in the […]

Expert Evaluation For “How to Correct a Wrong Impression of You at Work”

It is normal to feel ashamed if someone thinks that we are doing something disgraceful. Virtuous people tend to protect their honor and dignity (Shame), and not caring about this is a vice (Shamelessness). In this scenario, Emma is not doing anything wrong, but her friends may think otherwise after getting a glimpse of the […]

Expert Evaluation For “Telling a Supervisor About a Huge Mistake You Overheard”,”expert-evaluation-telling-supervisor-huge-mistake-overheard/01/2016

Sometimes people are unpleasant, and we may be tempted to wait for the right moment in order to “teach them a lesson.” However, this is never a good interior attitude. Instead, we should always try our best to help them be pleasant and understand their mistakes (Caring for Others).   Moreover, the present scenario is […]

Expert Evaluation For “Do I Make My Colleague Pay for Her Carelessness?”,”expert-evaluation-make-colleague-pay-carelessness/01/2016

There are two main conceptual elements that overlap one another in this dilemma. One is Ann’s right to receive a proper apology and compensation for the damage to her dress (Justice). The other is the higher importance of the business reception compared to the “private” issue between Ann and Patricia (Circumspection). Each dedicated employee should […]

Expert Evaluation For “Is Being Empathetic a Good Reason to Bend the Rules”,”expert-evaluation-empathetic-good-reason-bend-rules/01/2016

While there is some controversy over the matter, the fact that college grades have been inflated for various reasons over the last few decades is widely recognized (Memory). Moreover, once there is a general lowering of academic standards, additional pressure is put on those who wish to maintain higher standards (Professional Excellence).