Author: Fulvio Di Blasi

Expert Evaluation For “How to Stand Up to Your Superior at Your Job”,”expert-evaluation-stand-superior-job/01/2016

This scenario portrays a picture of a training officer who is developing a greedy and covetous attitude by having other people pay for his things even when these acts violate a clear police department policy. His behavior is a kind of harassment to the people who submit to paying for him or let him eat […]

Expert Evaluation For “Keeping Your Client Happy in a Gray Area”

This scenario portrays a typical case in which a private company’s CEO has to choose between high professional standards and transparency on the one hand, and pleasing a client on the other hand. Generally speaking, in the case of a private company, hiring someone for reasons unrelated to her specific skills does not involve an […]

Expert Evaluation For “How to Handle the Inconsiderate Professor”,”expert-evaluation-handle-inconsiderate-professor/12/2015

 However, it’s also true that everyone laughed at the joke, and that the professor is clearly likable. Sometimes jokes, even if not totally appropriate are not a big deal, and it’s wise not to exaggerate their unintended meanings. Going directly to the Office of Community and Ethical Standards (OCES) without talking to the professor first […]

Expert Evaluation For “When do You Reject a Group of Customers?”,”expert-evaluation-for-when-do-you-reject-a-group-of-customers/12/2015

In this case, the rule requiring that you close punctually at 10:00 p.m. is about security (Love of Human Life) and order. These are key to every good business. However, the ultimate goal of restaurants is to make a profit by providing food to customers. Since customers are more likely to return to places where […]

Expert Evaluation For “Is Being a ‘Team Player’ Worth Breaking Policy?”,”expert-evaluation-team-player-worth-breaking-policy/12/2015

Office pools are a form of gambling done in the workplace. In some states they are illegal, and sometimes they are only against company policies (Obedience). When facing a scenario like the present one, it’s important to check the legal status of office pools (Diligence), and to consider that people have been fired and even […]

Expert Evaluation For “How Should You Bring Up the Parking Tickets?”,”expert-evaluation-for-how-should-you-bring-up-the-parking-tickets/11/2015

This dilemma addresses the cost attached to lending something to a friend or acquaintance, which is very common. In this particular situation, Karen receives “several parking tickets that match the license plate of the car” she leant to her dear friend, Nancy. Should she ask Nancy to pay, question her, get angry, or should Karen […]