Author: Joseph Havey

This Tech Company Shows Why Strong Culture Is Worth It

Reading Time: 5 Minutes   At Novareté, we believe moving your organization’s values out of the handbook and into the daily activities of employees creates a unified culture that improves business performance and becomes a key competitive advantage.   There is research that backs this claim, showing a values-based culture can improve financial performance, employee loyalty, […]

How To Use Company Events To Build Unshakable Culture

Reading Time: 7 minutes   “Well, you just hop on, kick off and keep pedaling,” a colleague’s older cousin instructed him as he held his first bike. But, according to my colleague, the following hour proved that learning how to ride a bike was not as easy as “keep pedaling.” Autopilot doesn’t work when learning […]

Empower Employees: 4 New Habits to Create If You Vilify Failure

Reading Time: 8.5 minutes In my most-recent post, I detailed the reasons why Amazon is one of today’s tech powerhouses: Its leadership prioritizes innovation, at all costs, even at the cost of making mistakes. I argued that if your employees are too afraid to fail, it will cost your company the chance to innovate. This, […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Empower Employees

Reading Time: 9 minutes In the 1990s, amid the dot-com boom, one company decided to change the way we buy books. At the time, bookstores imitated most retail supply chains, purchasing titles directly from publishers to stock in-house. This meant they enjoyed a nice markup, but inventory was limited to square footage of a physical […]

Here’s How to Build a Winning Referral Program

“A workforce of great people not only does great work, it attracts more great people. The best workers are like a herd: They tend to follow each other.” This claim comes from Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, who wrote the book How Google Works, which outlines management strategies employed at the company. Google, of […]

Crush Turnover with a Sticky Strong Culture for Millennials and Beyond

Any HR manager knows turnover is expensive, for many reasons. When filling positions, the HR staff is forced to take time away from other opportunities such as building a strong culture or ensuring employees understand compliance. But turnover costs more than time: According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, employers will […]

How to Improve Risk Management by Instilling Strong Values

Remember the infamous (and now humorous) Red Cross #gettinslizzard tweet from 2012? Quick recap: As detailed by Mashable’s Todd Wasserman, the organization’s social media specialist clicked “Send” on the wrong Twitter account, causing the well-reputed non-profit to tweet: “Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch beer…. when we drink we […]

6 Concrete Ways to Improve Culture That You Can Do Right Now

When it comes to making a change, big, vague goals are daunting. This will be especially relevant to many people this January when they take time to write down their upcoming resolutions. For example, “Losing weight” and “Saving money” the number one and three resolutions for 2015 are rarely achieved: In fact, a mere 8 […]

Company Culture: 4 Ways to Make Your Routines Valuable

At Novareté, we know that a strong and unified company culture translates into improved performance. Shared values foster commitment to a common purpose, which is proven to positively impact multiple indicators of long-term growth and profitability. We also know that an effective company culture cannot be stolen or replicated by competitors because it is not […]

How to Inspire Strong Culture, Squad or Not

If you’re routinely reading this blog, you’ve probably already realized a strong culture can impact company performance. In fact, Novarete wouldn’t exist if this weren’t true, and we have ample data to back up our claims that infusing your company’s core values into the daily activities of employees can have measurable, positive result related to financial performance, employee satisfaction, […]