Author: Katie Marshall

The Crucial Change That Will Make You See Training New Employees As A Way To Create Agile Leaders [interview with Vicki Swisher]

There is a direct connection between the growth of your people and your company’s success. If your people are successful, your company will be, too – which means training new employees is a necessary, and even a critical responsibility for Human Resources professionals. Could there be a way to enhance how you train new employees? […]

How To Strengthen Your Tools For Motivating Employees

Motivating employees is no longer a quick fix of a pay increase or title change. If every employee is a unique individual, then motivating them requires adjustable techniques. Recent studies show us that leaders who succeed at motivating employees do so with a dynamic approach – tapping into both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators – using […]

What Does Engaged Mean? Skyrocket Your Employee’s Success Now

You have the posters on the walls of your office – the ones that list out your company’s values over stock photos of landscapes or people in suits smiling around a table. Once a year, one of your senior executives mentions the same values at a holiday party or in their annual letter. Employees fill […]

11 Company Culture Quotes That Will Make You See the Importance of Human Resources

High performing companies often credit their success to their people. And yet, Human Resources (HR) managers and those who focus on the people of a company are often undervalued. If you believe the work you do as an HR professional is important, we agree with you – employee engagement is paramount.

Why A Bad Employee Can Make A Good Manager

They missed deadlines, failed projects, and seem steps away from not working for you anymore. They’re a “bad employee” – but what if they have all of the qualities of a very good manager? Without opening your mind, you may be missing a prime opportunity to uncover hidden talent.

How to Inspire Grateful And Successful People: Employee Recognition

Recognition is a basic human need. Inside and outside of the office, introverts and extroverts alike, we crave acknowledgment and appreciation from our fellow human beings. This innate desire means that employee recognition is more than a box checked in a survey or a box of candy given out amidst winter holidays. Employee recognition is […]

How To Know You Are A Change Agent

To be called a Change Agent feels natural or very confusing. If you are someone who leads change management efforts, the title comes with your work. But if you are a mid-level employee being called a Change Agent in an annual performance review, you may be wondering…what does that mean? What is a Change Agent? […]

How To Give Employee Appreciation Gifts The Right Way

You know the Golden Rule – “Treat others how you want to be treated.” It’s easy to follow, especially when applied to how you treat your employees. If you do not enjoy being yelled at, do not yell at those who work for you. Makes sense, right? But when it comes to employee appreciation gifts, […]