The Key to Aligning Organizational Values and Performance: Take a Lot of Practice Swings

Aristotle and hitting the major league curve ball consistently don’t seem at first to belong in the same sentence.   What they have in common, though, is a thought process that leads to virtuous practices, good habits and, ultimately, achievement of excellence which the ancient Greeks called areté. This same thought process is the basis […]

How to use Ethics Training to Infuse Company Values With Work Culture

Reading Time: 6 minutes A customer named Karen calls your car dealership one day and Ted, a salesmen, answers the phone. She asks about a 2017 silver Honda Accord LX Coupe that she wants to test drive. Ted has a knack for persuading customers to buy cars. Feeling extremely confident, he tells Karen we carry […]

Managing Millennials in a Competitive Business World

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Michael, an employee, you recently hired, has shown promising skill in his work. After a few months, he can already perform multiple tasks skillfully and his contribution continues to boost revenue. You, the CEO, are optimistic about his future within your company except for a few trends that gradually antagonize you. […]

This Tech Company Shows Why Strong Culture Is Worth It

Reading Time: 5 Minutes   At Novareté, we believe moving your organization’s values out of the handbook and into the daily activities of employees creates a unified culture that improves business performance and becomes a key competitive advantage.   There is research that backs this claim, showing a values-based culture can improve financial performance, employee loyalty, […]

Training Employees to be Formidable

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes A new employee, Mia, just completed her training for your company. After a month, you, the CEO, are puzzled to see no improvement. You gave her a tutorial and then a multiple choice test. In your mind, that should have been sufficient.   Assembling a company of skillful employees is […]

What Would An Ethicist Do: Tell The Truth About The Bake Goods?

The Dilemma: You have been working at a bakery for several years. On the evenings you and your manager close together, you have been divvying up what’s left of the baked goods and taking them home. Both of you have been struggling financially, so the extra food really helps. And, there is no policy against […]

Kudos: A Sure Fire Skill for Employers

Your employee, Travis, was on fire yesterday. Out of his last twenty sales calls, fifteen walked away making a purchase. With plenty of reason to feel proud, Travis approaches you to provide an update. Expecting an enthusiastic response, Travis is taken aback by your casual remark, “nice … keep it up.”  Noticing his accomplishment drew […]

How To Use Company Events To Build Unshakable Culture

Reading Time: 7 minutes   “Well, you just hop on, kick off and keep pedaling,” a colleague’s older cousin instructed him as he held his first bike. But, according to my colleague, the following hour proved that learning how to ride a bike was not as easy as “keep pedaling.” Autopilot doesn’t work when learning […]

Why Are You Destroying Your Chances At Managing Millennials?

“Where is Charles? Has anyone seen Charles?” Tony asked everyone at the meeting. Being one of the youngest in the room, I knew our CEO was not too fond of managing millennials, substantiated by his next question to me, “What is it with you millennials?”   This wasn’t the first time I was asked. And […]

How to Motivate Employees so Your Company Thrives

Reading Time: 4 minutes. Monday is already here after a speedy weekend and you, the CEO, roll into your company’s parking lot (maybe in your Lamborghini?). You’re in a pleasant mood after just listening to the new upbeat song on the radio “Believer” by Imagine Dragons. You walk into the front door and see that […]