How To Destroy Corporate Bottlenecks: Demonstrate Your Value System

Last month, our CEO, Fulton Breen spoke to the Raleigh-Wake Human Resources Management Association’s monthly meeting, where he covered the topic “Alignment Analytics Point the Way to a Stronger Culture.” In his presentation, he addressed the problem many companies have with implementing their set of values: “Your Code of Conduct is published, your quarterly meetings […]

Disciplining Employees who are Friends

One morning, you wake up with the butterflies in your stomach. You know you have something unpleasant to attend to at work and boy you are dreading it. On the way to work, you make a brief stop at Starbucks to grab yourself a Latte, hoping it will supply the mental energy you need. Upon […]

The Crucial Change That Will Make You See Training New Employees As A Way To Create Agile Leaders [interview with Vicki Swisher]

There is a direct connection between the growth of your people and your company’s success. If your people are successful, your company will be, too – which means training new employees is a necessary, and even a critical responsibility for Human Resources professionals. Could there be a way to enhance how you train new employees? […]

Empower Employees: 4 New Habits to Create If You Vilify Failure

Reading Time: 8.5 minutes In my most-recent post, I detailed the reasons why Amazon is one of today’s tech powerhouses: Its leadership prioritizes innovation, at all costs, even at the cost of making mistakes. I argued that if your employees are too afraid to fail, it will cost your company the chance to innovate. This, […]

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Empower Employees

Reading Time: 9 minutes In the 1990s, amid the dot-com boom, one company decided to change the way we buy books. At the time, bookstores imitated most retail supply chains, purchasing titles directly from publishers to stock in-house. This meant they enjoyed a nice markup, but inventory was limited to square footage of a physical […]

Here’s How to Build a Winning Referral Program

“A workforce of great people not only does great work, it attracts more great people. The best workers are like a herd: They tend to follow each other.” This claim comes from Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, who wrote the book How Google Works, which outlines management strategies employed at the company. Google, of […]

How To Strengthen Your Tools For Motivating Employees

Motivating employees is no longer a quick fix of a pay increase or title change. If every employee is a unique individual, then motivating them requires adjustable techniques. Recent studies show us that leaders who succeed at motivating employees do so with a dynamic approach – tapping into both intrinsic and extrinsic motivators – using […]

An Inspiring Story of Selflessness and Youth [Interview with Fulton Breen]

I had the good fortune of interviewing Fulton Breen, CEO of XSInc and Founder of Novareté. His story not only inspired the vision behind Novareté, it also empowers us all to give a little to make the world a better place.   Through his story I hope you learn to “pass it on,” creating a […]

What Does Engaged Mean? Skyrocket Your Employee’s Success Now

You have the posters on the walls of your office – the ones that list out your company’s values over stock photos of landscapes or people in suits smiling around a table. Once a year, one of your senior executives mentions the same values at a holiday party or in their annual letter. Employees fill […]

Expert Says Creating a Positive Culture Requires the Right “Smell”,”expert-says-creating-a-positive-culture-requires-the-right-smell

I was recently sent the Smell of the Place, an 8 minute and 13 second video of Professor Sumantra Ghoshal at the World Economic Forum. I found it very easy to digest and insightful – full of ideas that can enhance your culture. In his speech, he addresses corporate environments and the faults of management in […]