11 Company Culture Quotes That Will Make You See the Importance of Human Resources

High performing companies often credit their success to their people. And yet, Human Resources (HR) managers and those who focus on the people of a company are often undervalued. If you believe the work you do as an HR professional is important, we agree with you – employee engagement is paramount.

Crush Turnover with a Sticky Strong Culture for Millennials and Beyond

Any HR manager knows turnover is expensive, for many reasons. When filling positions, the HR staff is forced to take time away from other opportunities such as building a strong culture or ensuring employees understand compliance. But turnover costs more than time: According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, employers will […]

How to Improve Risk Management by Instilling Strong Values

Remember the infamous (and now humorous) Red Cross #gettinslizzard tweet from 2012? Quick recap: As detailed by Mashable’s Todd Wasserman, the organization’s social media specialist clicked “Send” on the wrong Twitter account, causing the well-reputed non-profit to tweet: “Ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of Dogfish Head’s Midas Touch beer…. when we drink we […]

Building Your Company Brand Using Organizational Values

We’re all familiar with the idea and importance of building your company brand. The effort and expense required to modify consumer buying behavior is largely centered on building awareness of your product or service and its differentiating attributes. Much of this effort goes towards creating impressions or exposure to your brand through various media such […]

Top Leadership Assessment: 1 Easy Way to Measure Authentic Leadership

Photo Credit: Steve Wilson A few months ago I read Bill George’s post “What does ‘Authentic Leadership’ Really Mean?” It was a great read and reminder that morality – your beliefs and values – are a huge piece of authentic leadership and should be incorporated into everyday leadership assessments.   “If you want to be […]

6 Concrete Ways to Improve Culture That You Can Do Right Now

When it comes to making a change, big, vague goals are daunting. This will be especially relevant to many people this January when they take time to write down their upcoming resolutions. For example, “Losing weight” and “Saving money” the number one and three resolutions for 2015 are rarely achieved: In fact, a mere 8 […]

What does Engaged Mean? A Simple Tool For Your Missing Answers [part 3 of 3]

The Right Tool What does engaged mean? You’ve learned why engagement is important [part 1]and also who is a part of an engaged culture [part 2] but what do you do now? As the famous martial artist and philosopher, Bruce Lee once  said, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” […]

Why A Bad Employee Can Make A Good Manager

They missed deadlines, failed projects, and seem steps away from not working for you anymore. They’re a “bad employee” – but what if they have all of the qualities of a very good manager? Without opening your mind, you may be missing a prime opportunity to uncover hidden talent.

What Does Engaged Mean? Obliterating the Engagement Spectrum [part 2 of 3]

Congratulations! If you’ve read Part One, you understand the importance of employee engagement and are on the road to cultivating a winning culture. You know the answer to “what does engaged mean” and why it is important. But how do you create employee engagement in your company? Knowing the full scope of engagement is a vital […]

Company Culture: 4 Ways to Make Your Routines Valuable

At Novareté, we know that a strong and unified company culture translates into improved performance. Shared values foster commitment to a common purpose, which is proven to positively impact multiple indicators of long-term growth and profitability. We also know that an effective company culture cannot be stolen or replicated by competitors because it is not […]