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An Inspiring Story of Selflessness and Youth [Interview with Fulton Breen]

I had the good fortune of interviewing Fulton Breen, CEO of XSInc and Founder of Novareté. His story not only inspired the vision behind Novareté, it also empowers us all to give a little to make the world a better place.   Through his story I hope you learn to “pass it on,” creating a […]

Expert Evaluation For “Your New Client: The Jerk Who Cut You Off”,”expert-evaluation-your-new-client-the-jerk-who-cut-you-off

Getting angry over someone driving recklessly and putting the lives of other people in danger is not unacceptable if it arises from indignation for the violation of the law and a desire for the evildoer to receive proper retribution.However, Anger is a vice when it negatively affects the attorney’s decision process or pushes him to […]

Expert Evaluation For “How to Capture Wasted Time at Work”,”expert-evaluation-how-to-capture-wasted-time-at-work

This dilemma highlights a realistic challenge associated with receiving hourly payment for work. According to most contracts, an hourly rate, part-time employee is expected to perform reasonably productively for every billable working hour (Accountability). Whenever the hourly-rate employee is “on-the-clock,” the employee gets paid. However, practically speaking, work performance levels vary for each person from […]

Expert Evaluation For “How to Handle Interruptions During Your Training Presentation”,”expert-evaluation-how-to-handle-interruptions-during-your-training-presentation

A good teacher or professor should always be attentive to his students and the way in which they can contribute to successful classes. The age of the students cannot be underestimated (Circumspection), just as the presence of an expert cannot be underestimated (Diligence).

Expert Evaluation For “How to Distribute Hard Earned Profit”,”expert-evaluation-for-how-to-distribute-hard-earned-profit

In this scenario, the fact that you’re putting yourself through school is morally irrelevant. Your need for the money doesn’t affect your coworker or the customer’s rights and expectations. The question in this scenario is one of Justice. It’s about respecting the will of others and our agreements with them.   The person whose will […]

Does Making Unethical Decisions Negatively Impact Your Life? [infographic]

There is no question that being a leader is hard. Running a company, department, team…it can be stressful. So stressful, that some leaders choose to do what’s easy instead of what is right. While this may feel like you are saving yourself stress during the decision-making process, you may be subconsciously negatively impacting your health […]

Who Determines the Moral Standard of Leadership?

Adolf Hitler, leader of the National Socialists, emerges from the party’s Munich headquarters on December 5, 1931. Hitler predicted his Nazi party would one day control Germany.   Leadership is a buzz word that is often thrown around at schools, in business, on sports teams, in the media… In addition to meaning “a person who […]