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How to use Ethics Training to Infuse Company Values With Work Culture

Reading Time: 6 minutes A customer named Karen calls your car dealership one day and Ted, a salesmen, answers the phone. She asks about a 2017 silver Honda Accord LX Coupe that she wants to test drive. Ted has a knack for persuading customers to buy cars. Feeling extremely confident, he tells Karen we carry […]

Managing Millennials in a Competitive Business World

Reading Time: 4 Minutes Michael, an employee, you recently hired, has shown promising skill in his work. After a few months, he can already perform multiple tasks skillfully and his contribution continues to boost revenue. You, the CEO, are optimistic about his future within your company except for a few trends that gradually antagonize you. […]

Training Employees to be Formidable

Estimated Reading Time: 4 minutes A new employee, Mia, just completed her training for your company. After a month, you, the CEO, are puzzled to see no improvement. You gave her a tutorial and then a multiple choice test. In your mind, that should have been sufficient.   Assembling a company of skillful employees is […]

Kudos: A Sure Fire Skill for Employers

Your employee, Travis, was on fire yesterday. Out of his last twenty sales calls, fifteen walked away making a purchase. With plenty of reason to feel proud, Travis approaches you to provide an update. Expecting an enthusiastic response, Travis is taken aback by your casual remark, “nice … keep it up.”  Noticing his accomplishment drew […]

Disciplining Employees who are Friends

One morning, you wake up with the butterflies in your stomach. You know you have something unpleasant to attend to at work and boy you are dreading it. On the way to work, you make a brief stop at Starbucks to grab yourself a Latte, hoping it will supply the mental energy you need. Upon […]

The Crucial Change That Will Make You See Training New Employees As A Way To Create Agile Leaders [interview with Vicki Swisher]

There is a direct connection between the growth of your people and your company’s success. If your people are successful, your company will be, too – which means training new employees is a necessary, and even a critical responsibility for Human Resources professionals. Could there be a way to enhance how you train new employees? […]

Here’s How to Build a Winning Referral Program

“A workforce of great people not only does great work, it attracts more great people. The best workers are like a herd: They tend to follow each other.” This claim comes from Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, who wrote the book How Google Works, which outlines management strategies employed at the company. Google, of […]

Crush Turnover with a Sticky Strong Culture for Millennials and Beyond

Any HR manager knows turnover is expensive, for many reasons. When filling positions, the HR staff is forced to take time away from other opportunities such as building a strong culture or ensuring employees understand compliance. But turnover costs more than time: According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, employers will […]

What does Engaged Mean? A Simple Tool For Your Missing Answers [part 3 of 3]

The Right Tool What does engaged mean? You’ve learned why engagement is important [part 1]and also who is a part of an engaged culture [part 2] but what do you do now? As the famous martial artist and philosopher, Bruce Lee once  said, “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.” […]

Why A Bad Employee Can Make A Good Manager

They missed deadlines, failed projects, and seem steps away from not working for you anymore. They’re a “bad employee” – but what if they have all of the qualities of a very good manager? Without opening your mind, you may be missing a prime opportunity to uncover hidden talent.