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Here’s How to Build a Winning Referral Program

“A workforce of great people not only does great work, it attracts more great people. The best workers are like a herd: They tend to follow each other.” This claim comes from Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, who wrote the book How Google Works, which outlines management strategies employed at the company. Google, of […]

Crush Turnover with a Sticky Strong Culture for Millennials and Beyond

Any HR manager knows turnover is expensive, for many reasons. When filling positions, the HR staff is forced to take time away from other opportunities such as building a strong culture or ensuring employees understand compliance. But turnover costs more than time: According to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, employers will […]

What Does Engaged Mean? One Easy Way to Increase Profits [part 1 of 3]

Employee Engagement – one of the most discussed buzzwords when it comes to company culture and considered one of the highest determining factors of a company’s success. Yet, what does engaged mean? I like to take care of my body. But no matter how well I feel things are going, I still need to see […]