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Motivate Employees: Monetary Incentives Produce Poor Performance

I recently had the opportunity to watch a 10-minute whiteboard overview video about Daniel Karpantschof’s philosophy on how to motivate employees. He believes that motivation is driven by purpose, not monetary incentives. With a high focus on employee engagement and increasing productivity, profit, and performance, I thought this video really challenges the way many managers and […]

Finding Your Change Agency: Discover Hidden Value Using Moneyball Analytics

I lead a data management and software development company that I founded 18 years ago. I am a strong believer in the power of a great company culture and as such, I like to think of myself as being pretty tuned into our people and their strengths. In fact, we spend an unusual amount of […]

Engagement in the Workplace: When Behavior Conflicts with Values.

During my 20 years of managing experience, I have learned this: Being a manager isn’t very different than being a father. Whether it’s engaging a household and empowering children, or increasing engagement in the workplace by inspiring employees – no matter how well you communicate, at some point there will be a break down in […]

You Think You’re Engaged at Work…But What Does Engaged Mean?

One of the most difficult benefits to measure in the modern workplace is the level of employee engagement. First, what does engaged mean? 

3 Tips for Writing a New Employee Announcement

Making a respectable first impression is the foremost thought on a new employee’s brain. Equally true, every good manager knows how important it is to make a new hire feel welcome and at ease.

Creative Culture Reliant on Characteristics of a Good Manager

In my first Creativity, Inc. series post I spoke to the risks of vilifying failure when creating a creative culture. Next, I want to tackle the second step in creating a strong culture: embody characteristics of a good manager by hiring and trusting talented people. You as a manager and leader have the power to […]

Vilify Failure and Kill a Creative Culture

Creating an innovating and creative culture is at the top of most corporate agendas. And it should be. The benefits far outweigh the risks. It increases productivity, reduces cost, gives a competitive advantage, motivates employees, and creates autonomy and stronger teams.    So how do you create a culture that fosters creativity and innovation? Concepts […]