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The Key to Aligning Organizational Values and Performance: Take a Lot of Practice Swings

Aristotle and hitting the major league curve ball consistently don’t seem at first to belong in the same sentence.   What they have in common, though, is a thought process that leads to virtuous practices, good habits and, ultimately, achievement of excellence which the ancient Greeks called areté. This same thought process is the basis […]

5 Ways to Leverage a Disengaged Employee

I’ve written before how disengaged employees can actually be leveraged to create a strong culture, which leads to success. Now I am going to share with you a few ways to do that.  

Empower Your Employees to Find Answers in Under 10 Minutes

I was recently sent a leadership video adapted from Captain David Marquet’s talk on Greatness, based on his book, Turn the Ship Around! It was excellent.   Here are 8 nuggets I got out of it… “Give intent – what do you want to accomplish today?” Shifting Psychological ownership to the employees empowers them to […]

7 Reasons Why Scenario-Based Compliance Trainings Work [Infographic]

The turn of the New Year is a perfect time to look back and evaluate what programs worked (or didn’t), review the survey results, and figure out how you will leave your mark as you create your 2016 compliance plan. Should you explore new employee engagement software? Create new programs? Conduct more trainings? Maybe.  

Three Easy Ways to Maximize the Holiday Downtime

The holidays are a lot of fun – usually a whirlwind that you don’t get control of until mid-January. Don’t fall captive to the season and miss out on all the joy. Instead, maximize your time with these three easy tips.  

Expert Evaluation For “How to Handle the Inconsiderate Professor”,”expert-evaluation-handle-inconsiderate-professor/12/2015

 However, it’s also true that everyone laughed at the joke, and that the professor is clearly likable. Sometimes jokes, even if not totally appropriate are not a big deal, and it’s wise not to exaggerate their unintended meanings. Going directly to the Office of Community and Ethical Standards (OCES) without talking to the professor first […]

Why You Should Value Your Disengaged Employees

I work in engagement. Arguably, we all do. If you are trying to contribute to the world, you have to be engaged in your purpose and mission to be successful. Not only is your engagement crucial, but you need to help others see the value in it as well. My purpose is to help the […]

3 Hidden Distractions that Crush Your Productivity Daily

Business can be tricky sometimes. You use what seems to be great solutions – Meetings, Email, and Multitasking – only to learn that they are actually hurting your performance. Be empowered to take your time and productivity back by managing the following 3 common daily practices better.  

5 Nuggets to Protect Your Organization from Ethical Disasters

I recently read a phenomenal article, Avoiding Ethical Misconduct Disasters by Dr. Chandler. He identifies the magnitude ethical misconduct disasters can have on businesses.

What Trying Means to a Little Girl

How often over the years have I asked the question to my children, “Did you try?”Simple word, simple meaning. Right? Wrong. We all have an understanding of what it means to try. But somehow, at the end of the day our actions don’t always reflect the same meaning. Webster defines try as, “to make an […]