Empower Your Employees to Find Answers in Under 10 Minutes

I was recently sent a leadership video adapted from Captain David Marquet’s talk on Greatness, based on his book, Turn the Ship Around! It was excellent.


Here are 8 nuggets I got out of it…

  1. “Give intent – what do you want to accomplish today?”
  2. Shifting Psychological ownership to the employees empowers them to find the answer
  3. “Then I would ask them is it the right thing to do?”
  4. There are two pillars to give control: competence and organizational clarity. Competence asks, “Is it safe?” and organizational clarity asks, “Is it the right thing to do?”
  5. “My officers are starting to think like me, and it only took 24 hours.”
  6. “Move the authority to where the information is. Create the environment for thinking.”
  7. “Nothing is hard, except you. You will feel wrong because we are programmed to take control and attract followers instead of giving control and creating leaders.”
  8. “You will achieve greatness because the people around you, their families, schools, organizations, and businesses will achieve greatness.”


Take the 9 minutes and 33 seconds to watch it yourself, and let me know how it inspired you to “Go forth and be great!”