Expert Evaluation For “How to Handle Interruptions During Your Training Presentation”,”expert-evaluation-how-to-handle-interruptions-during-your-training-presentation

A good teacher or professor should always be attentive to his students and the way in which they can contribute to successful classes. The age of the students cannot be underestimated (Circumspection), just as the presence of an expert cannot be underestimated (Diligence).


In fact, showing special regard for an expert is a question of Justice: experts always deserve attention and Respect. The teacher in the scenario should understand that it is not easy for an expert to attend a class on his area of specialization with ordinary students who are not experts (Empathy).


Vincent’s complaints, even if inappropriate, are not about the teacher, but about his personal situation in the class. There is no reason to take it personally (Good Deliberation). Rather, it is important to show Patience and to avoid any rude reactions (Impatience).


Students usually understand how difficult these situations are for a professor, and they admire wise professors who don’t let the circumstances affect their mood and actions (Hope). Ideally, the teacher should be able to win Vincent’s respect by showing him respect (Tactfulness). After all, this is all Vincent really needs: to be recognized as an expert by the entire class.


With regard to Vincent’s repeated interruptions, the teacher should come up with a good solution immediately that will encourage him and protect the quality of the class (Shrewdness). If necessary, he should speak privately with Vincent and be candid with him (Truthfulness).



Special Circumstances to Consider:


  • If Vincent had other personal issues against you.
  • If Vincent had used offensive expressions.


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