Expert Evaluation For “When do You Reject a Group of Customers?”,”expert-evaluation-for-when-do-you-reject-a-group-of-customers/12/2015

In this case, the rule requiring that you close punctually at 10:00 p.m. is about security (Love of Human Life) and order. These are key to every good business. However, the ultimate goal of restaurants is to make a profit by providing food to customers. Since customers are more likely to return to places where they have been treated well (Caring for Others), the decision to reopen shows Leadership and Foresight in Promoting the Common Good of the restaurant and its customers.


Therefore, if the situation does not suggest any security issues, and if there are several customers to make happy (and there is a prospect of profit), it would be unreasonable to stick to the formal 10:00 p.m. rule simply because “It’s the way things have always been done.” The enterprising and loyal manager should think of what the owner would do and of what would be in his best interest (Loyalty).


From this viewpoint, a key ingredient in the present scenario is that the customers who are asking for an exception (a high school sports team) do not appear to pose any kind of security threat (Circumspection). It is also important to note that there are a lot of people on the team, which means that the store has a chance to make a profit while creating a good marketing opportunity. In any case, the manager should not ignore the team by acting as though they were not asking him to reopen. There is nothing worse than being ignored. Even if he decides to not reopen, he should try to quickly and frankly (Not Lying) explain himself and be considerate (Respect), or he will definitely lose future customers (Thoughtlessness).


Special Circumstances to Consider:

  • If the sports team appeared, for any reason, to be dangerous.
  • If there was a strict official policy not to reopen the restaurant in such cases.


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