Expert Evaluation For “Who Do I Tell About My Promotion Application?”

This dilemma presents a reasonably common workplace situation, where there is a possibility for promotion and the applicant “knows” somebody. In this case, there is a friend on the search committee. The question is, “what to do?”


There is nothing wrong with applying, but the process is important. The goal would be to seek the best result for self and for all involved. There is much at stake, especially personal integrity. Allowing the process to unfold without divulging the information about the friend, but also without asking for a favor is essentially a neutral response by simply letting events take their own course.


The friend and the committee know ahead of time about your application and will have the opportunity to do what they feel is best for the situation. This demonstrates a high level of Friendship, Honesty, and Integrity. Also present are the elements of Hope and Optimism, in the sense that disclosure of all information will bring about the best result.


A more indirect approach would be to inform your supervisor about your intention to apply for the job and about the search committee situation with your friend. This will allow for another voice to be heard and hopefully the “track” of full disclosure will be laid out once again. The ability to recognize that we need a bit of help in the initial decision-making process shows Docility. To seek “help” from a friend by way of information about the committee process is an all too frequent occurrence in the workplace that reveals a lot about the character of someone.


Rather than let his own merits speak for himself, within the context of disclosing the “friend” information, the person is looking for gain in an unsavory way. He is damaging the friendship, acting with a false boldness. Any integrity on the part of the applicant in this case is absolutely lost. Even to not apply at all would be a far better course of action. The integrity of the individual is what is really at stake here. Any action that does not involve seeking “favor” helps the person maintain integrity, which helps the company to maintain theirs, as well. Our Reason should lead us to Integrity. To lose this is really to lose our self. The constancy of integrity, to act in accord with goodness in our lives, will bring about the best result for us and for all.



 The possibility that other people involved will not act in an “above-board” manner.


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