Does Making Unethical Decisions Negatively Impact Your Life? [infographic]

There is no question that being a leader is hard. Running a company, department, team…it can be stressful. So stressful, that some leaders choose to do what’s easy instead of what is right. While this may feel like you are saving yourself stress during the decision-making process, you may be subconsciously negatively impacting your health and life.


I recently wrote a post that challenges the idea that to be a leader you have to be morally sound, and shared my top ten list of morally questionable great leaders. In the post I challenged you – the reader – to consider that morals are optional when it comes to great leadership.


If you have a following now, you are responsible for the example you set. After researching my top ten list* further, I realized not only did their decisions negatively impact others, but also their quality of life and happiness.

*Please note that Atilla the Hun was not included in the research below due to lack of information.