Three Easy Ways to Maximize the Holiday Downtime

The holidays are a lot of fun – usually a whirlwind that you don’t get control of until mid-January. Don’t fall captive to the season and miss out on all the joy. Instead, maximize your time with these three easy tips.



1. Bring back the Tradition of Holiday Cards


Sending Holiday cards is a dying tradition. people like Julie Washington often question its value, “Is it worth nearly 50 cents to say ‘Merry Christmas’ to someone who’s across town? Especially when everyone else just posts a ‘Happy Holidays’ message on Facebook, or sends an e-card, and calls the job done.” Ironically though, 84% of people still expect to receive them from family. And 73% expect to receive one from a close friend. So take some time to set yourself apart, both with your friends and at work, and send a Holiday Card.


2. Exercise


During the holiday season it feels like a snowball of party after party filled with sweets and alcohol. Besides the increase in calories, schedules are often out of sync and exercising is usually put on the back burner. Throw in the likely possibility of being around extended family and the chaos that often comes with that, it’s no wonder many people feel stressed, are quick to anger and gain weight. Don’t fall into the trap – KEEP EXERCISING! Exercise has many benefits, including improving mood, boosting energy, managing your sleep. And it can be worked into your everyday activities. The Blue Zone Solution by Dan Buettner outlines loads of great examples of ways to move naturally without having to set aside time to go to the gym (this blog post reviews a few of them). So, take the time to get in a quick walk or a fun game of flag football. You will be thankful you did.


3. De-Stress


Along the same vain as exercising, make sure to take some time for yourself to de-stress. Get a massage, take a yoga class, or whatever you enjoy doing. Use that time to relax and for introspection. Don’t let the snowball of activities because you to miss what is truly important – enjoying the time you have.


What are some ways you enjoy the holidays? Let me know in the comments below.