What Does Engaged Mean? How Novareté Increased My Value At Work [Interview with Ileana Cazan #6054]

Recently XSInc CEO, Fulton Breen wrote about how Moneyball Analytics can help uncover hidden talent within your company by identifying key change agents. He realized that often, some of the most influential people in your company – those that drive your culture, which ultimately drives your success – hid behind doing their work consistently and quietly. 


I recently had the chance to interview one of those impactful change agents: Ileana Cazan (#6054 in this article). Check out her experience as a Gen X’er.


How much time do you spend on Novareté a week?

Less than an hour. 


How has Novareté  impacted your ability to work with others?

Novarete helps me know my coworkers better; I learn something every day about people with whom I don’t work with directly. I have the privelaged to learn about their interests, life events, or a book they read recently; that makes me feel more connected with everyone and more likely to engage in a conversation in front of the coffee machine.


How does Novareté help you do your job better?

Novareté helps with communication and finding resources I need. I can quickly share messages with the rest of the company by contributing posts. It’s also the best way to search for helpful resources like the phone number of a conference room.

additionally, I feel it positively impacts my professional success. Through Kudos, I am being recognized on an ongoing basis for things I do well, bringing visibility to the value I bring to the company.


How does Novareté help you engage at work?

As people share information on Novareté, I find it easier to start a conversation based on what I learn. Secondarily, I enjoy seeing how various post tie into our company values. 


What is your favorite thing about Novareté and why?

Kudos; it’s such a positive thing to take a moment and thank someone; at it’s so much better when that’s public.

I love that I can thank someone for bringing in bagels on a random Monday morning or for having a great idea that helped improve a process significantly. I love that I not only get to thank them, but I can share that with everyone. I like seeing what my colleagues appreciate in each other, on both a personal and professional level.


Do you think Novareté plays a factor in your decision to stay at XS? Why or why not?

I love that XSInc is using Novarete; it’s just another example of their interest in employee happiness and building a values-driven culture. XSInc is the first company I worked for that makes an active effort to build a culture in which people know and value each other; how cool is that?


Ileana Cazan has been with XS for 8 years and is currently working as an IT Technical Lead.