What is the Value of Employee Engagement? [infographic]

Have you ever been stuck in a job where you were unmotivated? I have. Multiple in fact. In each instance I believed in the product or service, I was qualified for the job, I liked a lot of the people, I grew in my knowledge and experience… the list goes on. So what was it?


It took me awhile to figure out that my lack of engagement stemmed from a negative culture. In my case, my fellow peers usually weren’t on the same page. They had their own agendas, values and visions – making alignment pretty difficult. I was unhappy and unmotivated.


It got me thinking: how much does my lack of motivation really affect the company? Is there any value to employee engagement? So I did some research, and the statistics are startling. Not only are engaged employees happier at work, but the company’s financial performance greatly increases. Check out the infographic below.


Have you ever been disengaged in your job? What were the causes? Let me know in the comments below.